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Online Hosting vs. Traditional Installation

Q. What is FAM Online?

FAM Online is the name of our system for delivering the Red Moon Solutions Fixed Assets Manager software application via the Internet. This offering is an alternative to the existing, traditional in-house CD installation, but does not replace it. Red Moon Solutions acts as the Application Service Provider (ASP).

Q. What is an ASP?

ASPs are service firms that provide a contractual service offering to deploy, host, manage, and lease what is typically packaged application software from a centrally managed facility. In this case, Red Moon Solutions has the responsibility for licensing the software and ensuring it is being run properly. The application runs on our servers which are hosted in a secure data center

Q. How is using a hosted solution different from what I do now?

Instead of running the FAM software on your internal network, you will access it through the Internet. In other words, the application, which currently operates on a server/computer on your local office network, will now run on a server in a secure data center. The information that passed between your desktop and your server across your network, will now flow along a larger network-the Internet. This will allow you to work from anywhere. All you will need is a PC with a connection to the Internet. You will have access to the latest FAM software and your company's databases. The application will still look and feel the same as it always has.

Q. Why does Red Moon Solutions use a third-party hosting company?

We believe that it is best for us to focus on our core competencies and to use the highly capitalintensive, secured facilities and Internet network already established and proven for hosting our servers.

Q. How will I access the FAM application online hosting service?

You will log into your account on the RMS server through a Windows Remote Desktop connection. This technology is also called Terminal Server. If you connect to the internet through a firewall, your IT department will have to open TCP port 3389.

Q. Can I have a local FAM installation as well as the FAM service?

Yes, you can. However, the asset data will be in two different databases. You will need to exercise care to keep track of your activity in each location.

Q. How many people can use my FAM service?

As many as your license includes.

Hardware and Software

Q. What if I do not have an internet connection?

You must have internet access to use this service option.

Q. Won't working over the internet be slower than running the software internally?

No. If you currently connect to the internet through a reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your company has a virtual Private network (VPN), performance can be faster. We have invested in powerful high speed application and database servers. So instead of your IT department having to add additional hardware or network power to achieve faster performance, we have already built that into our service model.

In addition, with our hosted solution, all processing will occur on the server. The only information that passes over the Internet is input from you (keystrokes and mouse clicks) and screen updates sent back to you from the server. This way, significantly less information is transmitted over the Internet, so the software runs quickly. Most users will find the application running much faster than it did through their office server.

Q. What are the specifications of the server that my software will sit on?

We buy our servers from industry leading suppliers. The exact configuration varies, because we usually buy the latest model. To further speed processing, RMS uses separate database servers and application servers.


Q. My company data will be traveling over the internet. Is it secure?

Connection over the Internet is encrypted and secure. The client software on your computer encrypts your data before sending it. Data sent to you from the remote machine is also encrypted. Data is hidden from other Internet users, but made securely accessible to appropriate users through the Terminal Server environment.

Q. How safe is my data?

Security is a top priority for Red Moon Solutions and our hosting provider. We utilize a hosting service whose data center is housed in a modern, well designed building in Bradenton, Florida. They specialize in monitoring Internet network and equipment, backup and running a secured facility for ASPs. Their data center maintains strong electronic and physical barriers between your data and the outside world. Our remote servers are protected behind a highly sophisticated firewall. Users who do not have proper permission to establish a connection with the server simply cannot access your data. Then, only data associated with the specific login and password is accessible.

Q. What about backup and recovery procedures?

You data will be backed up daily. Backup media are kept in a protected, secure, on-site storage facility — safe from fire and weather.

Q. Can I arrange it so users can only see their own data?

Yes. If you have an Enterprise license, we can restrict user access to a single entity if desired.

Who Does What?

Q. Who manages the database and network?

Our trained professional engineers operate the equipment and maintain the software.

Q. Who handles upgrades?

Upgrading the software that is hosted is the responsibility of RMS, and there is no additional charge for doing the upgrades. We will always maintain the software with the latest version available. We will schedule the upgrades at a time that will cause the least interruption to our clients.

How Do I?

Q. How do I print reports?

You print to your local printer just as you would with any other software.

Q. How do I import data to the FAM online hosting server?

This feature works in the usual way. You copy the file into your personal folder on our server and import it from there into the application.

Q. How do I perform entity backups from the FAM service?

Use the entity offline copy feature in the usual way. The file is exported to your personal folder on our server. You can copy the backup file from there to any destination you desire.


Q. How much does it cost?

The costs associated with participating in the FAM Online environment vary depending on the number of assets (size of the database) and the number of users supported. Please contact us and we will assess your hosting needs and provide you with a personalized quote.


Q. How does the FAM Online solution benefit my tax department?

FAM Online not only reduces total costs to the entire company, but also can free up your tax professional time. Red Moon Solutions takes care of all database server administration and system upgrades. You customer support experience will be even more enhanced because we will have confidential access to your database in real time.

Q. What does the hosted FAM service provide?

Along with access to the FAM software, you get the following:

  • Use of the FAM application and database servers.
  • Continuous updates of server and database software.
  • Continuous updates of FAM software.
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement of FAM network equipment.
  • Daily database backup.
  • Offsite storage of database backups.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Professional database administrator services.
  • Network engineering services.
Q. How can I justify FAM Online when the price is more than I would pay for having the software installed in-house?

A Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis can identify the value to your tax department/company. For most companies, the savings can be quite large, as the costs related to application management acquiring and upgrading your server environment are eliminated. If your company currently embraces technology outsourcing, it probably has done a considerable TCO analysis. Typically, management wants the IT department to focus on core competencies and to outsource non-strategic applications where possible.


Q. What if I need historical information for an audit several years from now?

At the end of your tax year, at your request, Red Moon Solutions LLC will provide a copy of your database and the current FAM software. You may archive the CD and use it as necessary in the future.

Q. What "up-time" can I expect?

Once your databases are setup at the data center, you can expect minimal downtime. Upgrades to the software will be scheduled at a convenient time and promptly communicated to the client.


FAM Online:

  • Lowers the total costs for managing the technology needed to support the application
  • Saves professional time in your tax and/or accounting department by offloading technology administration to Red Moon Solutions, the ASP
  • Utilizes high performance servers optimally tuned so you are always using the latest technology
  • Enables companies with more than one location and/or user to access the FAM application anywhere at any time

Possible reasons to consider an ASP:

  • Shortage of IT skills and support
  • Costly technology (server) upgrades
  • Corporate culture has embraced IT outsourcing solutions
  • Desire for simplicity by end users
  • Centrally managing remote sites or users

Red Moon Solutions as the ASP will provide:

  • Application Updates & Upgrades
  • Application Configurations
  • Application Support
  • Application Performance
  • User ID authentication
  • Back-up & Recovery
  • Hands-on support through confidential access to database

ASP vendor will ensure:

  • Data and network redundancy - no single points of failure
  • Server to routers to network connections - all fully redundant
  • Disaster protection mechanisms (FM200 gas fire suppression system)
  • Power back-up - UPS backed by diesel generator
  • 24x7 server monitoring
  • Firewall management
  • Encrypted data

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