Tax Process Automation

The complexity of tax is being minimized with the intelligence of technology. Poised at the intersection of tax and technology, tax process automation tools enable corporations, partnerships and CPA firms to manage data efficiently and effectively while managing tax risk and improving internal controls. Two affordable workflow and compliance tools designed to do just this are:

->eTaxCalendar is a web-based tool that allows CPA firms, corporate tax departments or tax professionals to efficiently manage all tax and non-tax obligations for an unlimited number of corporate clients and entities. Eliminate multiple spreadsheets, manual processes and errors trying to schedule, organize and manage all corporate tax filings, extensions, payments, revenue adjustments and audit requests.

->eTaxPortal is a feature-rich workspace for multiple groups involved in the tax function. It addresses automation, collaboration, risk management, compliance, information sharing, scheduling, productivity and controls.

What's different about these tools?

These tools are the first of their type to be offered as “software as a service”. In other words, there is no installation or upgrades of software, you simply log into your secure website and unleash the power of tax process automation tools. Say good-bye to software complexity and hello to software power and anytime access.

Utilizing eTax process automation tools provides you the time to do what is important, nurturing your client relationships or implementing a well-thought out tax strategy. Power up your tax department today!

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