PowerOLAP® is a powerful, yet affordable, business intelligence tool that provides fast, flexible analysis, reporting and business modeling.

You can now make tax, planning and business decisions quickly and effectively, not just to compete in today's real-time world - but to succeed in tomorrow's. You can cut costs, operate strategically, forecast the next best step, all on the basis of key up-to-the-instant figures.

Make your systems deliver the business intelligence you need right now to plan for tomorrow's business success. Convert your highly-paid, highly-skilled staff into productive analysts who can counsel management on how to chart the business.

PowerOLAP® is an OLAP solution that leverages the tools and expertise you already possess.

Now that's intelligent.

Real-time analysis and ad hoc reporting using Excel and your Web browser.

Within the structure of your current systems is the information you need, unavailable through standard reports. Compliance systems, Global Provision, International, Fixed Assets, ERP - these applications contain information that is essential to a tax department.

Now you can reach that data dynamically with maximum capabilities to model data according to your changing tax reporting needs. You will do so with the tools you use every day - Excel and your browser.

Dynamic modeling and forecasting: planning for success.

PowerOLAP is an invaluable tool for modeling, planning and forecasting. You can now build models and perform "what-if" analyses on a solid foundation of current information. Reach data from various transactional data sources, enabling you to forecast, analyze and report using up-to-the instant data.

PowerOLAP delivers the knowledge you need in the tax department to succeed.

Get all of the information you need - now - to effectively operate the tax department:

  • Advanced analysis, including "what-if" and on-the-fly capabilities, using multi-dimensional data-modeling technology
  • Powerful data access and ad-hoc reporting from Excel or across the Web
  • Up-to-the-instant, real-time data from all of your critical tax systems Power Olap cube
  • Enterprise-wide sharing and data collection - permitted users in the tax department may read data wherever they are, through zero footprint connections and via the Internet
  • Multi-user access to the same data, at the same time, across organizational servers, ensuring one version for all
  • Fortune 1000-class modeling and forecasting that is cost-effective for all companies

Now that's Intelligent Performance Management.


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