Red Moon Solutions Consultants take pride in solving unique challenges with today's tax department professionals. To compliment and further enhance our product solutions, we provide a range of consulting services that focus on tax technology automation and controls within the tax department.

What sets us apart? We take our consulting services and working with your internal teams very personally. We take the time to make sure we understand your current process and technologies, as well as your opportunities for improvement so that we can best recommend how to make process changes, to implement software solutions and how to get the most out of them.

Our consulting services team consists of senior tax and technology professionals who come from a Big Four background (previously Big Five), and Accenture. They know how to use "Best Practices" and manage projects so that they stay on track, and on budget. We have worked with all sizes of companies from small to global Fortune 500 organizations, across many different industries, and know how to add value and experience to your situation.

Our consulting services include the concept of looking at people, process and technology. It is never just one of these areas that require change, projects must encompass all three components for implementation success. Each project follows a "Best Practices" project management methodology in which we utilize "Project Steering Committees" and leadership/communication structures to ensure projects come in on time and within scope. Project consultants map out current and future state processes along with tax and technology, so that "Best Practices" are implemented. Examples of our services include tax integrations with financial systems (general ledgers), data controls and security, book to tax reconciliation and manipulation, planning, forecasting, tax compliance and audit response.

Our consulting team work side by side with you to ensure that we focus on key areas to minimize tax liability, reduce financial and tax risk, and reduce income tax provision and compliance time so that you can focus your tax department resources on more value added activities such as analysis, review and planning.

We know that you are working under tighter timeframes, many times with less resources, and are under greater transparency demands than ever before. We care about you and will work hard to respond to your needs, reduce your overall tax compliance risks, and bring your organization cost savings and significant tax savings.

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