Application Hosting

As business software becomes increasingly powerful and useful or "feature rich", more and more businesses find their dependence on these applications growing. Every product improvement finds a new and vital use somewhere. However, power is not without cost. In this case, the cost is complexity. Managing software installations, upgrades and maintenance can quickly exceed the capabilities of some businesses. This dilemma has lead to creation of an IT outsourcing industry. Sometimes called "Application Service Providers" (ASP) or application hosting which provides the functions and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department in a single outsourced service. With a hosted solution, you are able to use a third party's system via the Internet instead of having to install your software applications in-house on your own servers.

Our application hosting service caters to organizations that either do not want an IT department or want their in-house IT staff completely unburdened from the everyday tasks of maintaining unfamiliar applications. We can remove your dependence on servers, networks, data security, and support personnel. Everything is delivered fully supported from our secure data center.

There are many benefits to you in taking advantage of our applications available to you through our application hosting service.

  • Access from anywhere - through our robust thin client connection, end users can access the applications from home, the office or while on the road.
  • Enhanced performance - since we are using the latest high end server specifications and configuring them to maximize load, this typically means that you experience much better performance than local installs.
  • Application installations and tax law updates or fixes - instead of having to install the application on one or more machines and having to schedule and deal with subsequent tax year updates, we take care of this for you. You have the latest release as soon as it is ready for deployment.
  • Enhanced online support - as this is a much more controlled environment, we find that our clients have even less IT environment related support issues. In addition, once an issue does arise, it is easier for us to trouble shoot as we can be "looking" at your environment while you are.
  • Backups and Data Integrity - no more worries about checking on your applications each day for data integrity and normal database maintenance. In addition, things such as regular data backups are being done automatically with our hosted solution offering.
  • Security - there are several layers of security within our hosted environment, data communications security, virus protection, application level security and database level security. This gives you the peace of mind that your data is safe with us.

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